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Noriko Ambe

Detail of "Cracking", 2006
63.5 x 91.4 x 2.5 cm, cuts on Yupo paper

Detail of "Sculpaper 1", 2006
40.6 x 121.9 x 182.9 cm, cuts on Housho-shi paper placed on pedestal

Born in Saitama, Japan, Noriko Ambe started a series of works using paper in 1999, titled "Linear-Actions Projects by Drawing and Cutting." Resembling annual rings of a tree, a topographical map or waves, the works are traces of the artist's actions and the lines that she cuts are organic responses to the materials and her surrounding. Cut by hand, Noriko's works conveys the nuances of human emotions, habits and rhythm.

Find more of her beautiful works here.

Currently residing in NY, Noriko graduated with a BFA in Oil Painting from Musashino Art University, Tokyo in 1990. Interestingly some of Noriko's latest works uses paper from Yupo, manufacturer of environmentally concious synthetic paper. The introduction of synthetic paper emerged from questions about the availability of pulp resources in the near future. A product of the petrochemical industry,synthetic paper is primarily created of synthetic resins derived from petroleum.

Her earlier works cut from white paper and found books are just as incredible.

Cutting Books in Tokyo Series, 2003
Sizes vary, cuts on white books

Linear-Actions Cutting Project 12, Encyclopedia "Geography of Japan 2", 2002
25 x 50 x 4.5 cm, cuts on an encyclopedia, with case
[Photo by Masa Noguchi]

[all images and text extracted from Noriko Ambe]

via the incredible LE TERRITOIRE DES SENS


Marcia said...

The things that you put on your blog are really cool, so I linked to mine, I hope you don't mind. Cheers! All the best! Marcia

mein™ said...

Thank you Marcia!

Leanda said...

I love paperworks... these are truly incredible. Thanks for posting :)

mein™ said...

Thank you for encouragement Leanda!

its libertys sound said...

love ur artwork.. so wonderful and inspiring :)

Tim Mc said...

My wife and I have been inspired by your art. It is so wonderfully graphic and textual. How long have you been doing this? Keep up the hard work

Diane said...

These books are amazing, out standing work!
Thank you for your lovely designs

Rachel Mcdams said...

Wow that's really amazing. Paper arts never cease to amaze me. That's really cool, it's so creative, I haven't thought you could possibly make an art out of books. That's really awesome.

mak said...
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mak said...
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Regina said...

Wonderful works of art! I do handicrafts and appreciate this kind of things. They are all awesome! The first time I've seen this kind of paperwork, thanks for sharing to us your talent.

Regine Smith
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Sarah said...

This is absolutely amazing. Like Regina this is my first time to see such an beautiful masterpiece. I wish one of this days I can get the chance to personally see those paperworks on the near future.

Sarah Cole of Zales Coupon

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