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We are happy to receive the many encouragements and recognition both online and in print. It makes the many hours spent researching and buying resources for mein™ worthwhile.

As we have always stood by the firm belief that inspiration should be for all to share, we are keeping our blog free for all. Likewise, we would really appreciate if you have used this blog as a resource, to mention us out of courtesy.

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Evguenia Jokhova

Evguenia Jokhova aka Evy Jokhova is a painter/bookmaker. The concerns of her practice are fantasy and fairytales. She creates make-belief worlds through various media focusing on escapism through imagination. Blurring the boundary between real and imaginary, Evy morphs mundane everyday objects into people and animals creating fantasy worlds, dreamscapes and imaginary creatures.

Evy will be graduating with a MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London.

For more information visit Evguenia Jokhova's website.

[images and text extracted from Evguenia Jokhova]

Book of Art

Book of Art is a husband and wife team, Issac and VeronicaIsaac is the master behind the art and Veronica, the manager. Their creations started in 2000, inspired by book art they saw. When the couple needed a "Welcome" sign for their guest bedroom, Isaac found his calling. The works of Book of Art are listed on their Etsy shop. 

For more information, visit Book of Art's Flickr and Etsy.

[image from Book of Art]

Word of thanks

mein inspiration is hardly a personal blog. 
However, we have been receiving so many encouraging emails, we feel the need to thank all for your kind words.

We have finally delivered a healthy baby boy towards the end of 2010.

2011 marks a renewed energy to talk about paper all over again.



4th Estate Publishers

Another super cool paper animation. This film was created for the 25th Anniversary of the 4th Estate Publishers. Produced by Apt Studio and directed by Asylum Films.

The film was produced in stop-motion over 3 weeks in Autumn 2008. Each scene was shot on a home-made dolly by an insane bunch of animators. Find more videos on here showing the process of each sequence being prepared and shot.

[video and text extracted from 4th Estate]


New Zealand Book Council

Wow! What can we feel, except be in awe...

Film for NZ Book Council Produced by Colenso BBDO Animated by Andersen M Studio.

[via the incredible Uppercase Gallery]


Yuken Teruya

Born in Okinawa, Japan in 1973, he received his MFA from the school of Visual Arts, New York in 2001. Yuken Teruya manipulates everyday objects, which he uses to create meticulous and intricate art works. His small and enchanting worlds, often relates to broader concerns.

It is good to be reminded of the forest that goes into each paper bag...

[images and text extracted from Yuken Teruya]

For more information, visit Yuken Teruya.

Mia Pearlman

Mia graduated with a BFA in Architecture and Planning from Cornell University, College of Art in 1996. Her works evoke environmental chaos, physical instability, and infinite destructive forces beyond human control.

It is incredible to watch the process of Mia's works as they evolve. Her cut paper installations constantly appear to mutate from a vortex within.

[images and text extracted from Mia Pearlman]

For more information, visit Mia Pearlman

jordy fu

mein was at London's Design Festival 2009 recently and was smitten by 'cloud walk' by designer Yu Jordy Fu. Her creation is a nine meter long horizontal white chandelier created from recycled paper for 100% design london.

Paper-cutting is a unique art form, which chinese women used as a graceful and intricate media to record their lives and adorn their homes. Yu Jordy Fu has used the ancient technique as means to break away from the two dimensional realm and create a dreamlike landscape. The chandelier can be purchased in sections and reinstalled.

Yu Jordy Fu is a London based designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design with a first class degree in Spatial Design. She subsequently received a Master of Arts Degree in Architecture from the Royal College of Art London.

[images @ mein, text extracted from designboom and Jordy Fu]

For more information visit Jordy Fu's website.

tithi kutchamuch

What a lovely idea!

Based in a studio in Shoreditch, London, tithi graduated with a MA in Design Products, from the Royal College of Art in 2007. Originally from Thailand, her objects reflect a little of what she has seen in ordinary everyday life.

[Images and text extracted from tithi kutchamuch]

For more information, visit tithi kutchamuch's website



Oh the excitement of seeing this video (about 8 minutes)! Worth the wait.

Scion Presents: 'PAPERSHAPERS' curated by Giant Robot

Papershapers is a group show featuring ten artists who work with paper-not "on paper." The exhibition will feature works that are cut, torn, folded, and sewn into unique creations.

Shin Tanaka, Hunter Stabler, Polly Verity, Annie Vought, Ana Serrano, Richard Sweeney, Peter Callesen, Brian Dettmer, Ryohei Tanaka

Show Run: April 11 - May 2 2009

Scion Installation LA
3521 Helms Ave @ National
Culver City Ca 90232

[Video and Text extracted from Scion]


Mobile Caravan - Paper Theo Jansen

If you have been in awe of Theo Jansen's wind structures like us, you will be thrilled to see the animated paper version.

For more information, visit Mobile Caravan blog and YouTube.


Noriko Ambe

Detail of "Cracking", 2006
63.5 x 91.4 x 2.5 cm, cuts on Yupo paper

Detail of "Sculpaper 1", 2006
40.6 x 121.9 x 182.9 cm, cuts on Housho-shi paper placed on pedestal

Born in Saitama, Japan, Noriko Ambe started a series of works using paper in 1999, titled "Linear-Actions Projects by Drawing and Cutting." Resembling annual rings of a tree, a topographical map or waves, the works are traces of the artist's actions and the lines that she cuts are organic responses to the materials and her surrounding. Cut by hand, Noriko's works conveys the nuances of human emotions, habits and rhythm.

Find more of her beautiful works here.

Currently residing in NY, Noriko graduated with a BFA in Oil Painting from Musashino Art University, Tokyo in 1990. Interestingly some of Noriko's latest works uses paper from Yupo, manufacturer of environmentally concious synthetic paper. The introduction of synthetic paper emerged from questions about the availability of pulp resources in the near future. A product of the petrochemical industry,synthetic paper is primarily created of synthetic resins derived from petroleum.

Her earlier works cut from white paper and found books are just as incredible.

Cutting Books in Tokyo Series, 2003
Sizes vary, cuts on white books

Linear-Actions Cutting Project 12, Encyclopedia "Geography of Japan 2", 2002
25 x 50 x 4.5 cm, cuts on an encyclopedia, with case
[Photo by Masa Noguchi]

[all images and text extracted from Noriko Ambe]

via the incredible LE TERRITOIRE DES SENS


Andreas Kocks

Paperwork #704, "Splatter"
Neue Werkstätten, München, 2007
421x1300x10cm, paper

Born in 1960, Andreas Kocks currently lives and works in New York City and Munich. Originally from Oberhausen, Germany, Andreas' site-specific paper installations are multiple layers of paper, usually in white or black, that is precisely cut, such that they peel and ripple in dynamic motions off the gallery walls.

Andreas graduated with a MFA in Sculpture from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 1989 after receiving a BFA in Integration of Fine Art and Architecture from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and MA in Education from University of Düsseldorf in 1987.

Paperwork #848 G, "Big Bang"
TBWA, Vienna, Austria, 2009
300x1600x15cm; Graphite on paper

For an incredible video of the installation process, here.

Detail of paperwork #701G, "In the Beginning"
DG-Galerie, München, 2007
580x1060x15cm; Graphite on paper

For more information, visit Andreas Kock's website.

[all images and text extracted from Andreas Kocks.]


Daniel Piker

Daniel Piker demonstrates numerous ways where paper is folded into deployable, transformable and bistable structures, and even auxetics and linkages.

Daniel is a student of architecture in London and is currently studying part time for Diploma in Mathematics, leading to Ba/BSc Mathematics.

Click on image for a clearer view of patterns with their matching foldings below.

Daniel has generously shared his folding and cutting patterns with anyone who is interested to develop from his explorations. Find a clearer version of the top row, third pattern from left here. Just print out and fold along the lines. Solid lines fold up and dotted lines fold down. You can find more on his blog.

For more information, visit Daniel Piker's blog, vimeo and flickr

via the amazing PACKAGING | UQAM


David Pelham

Trail - Paper Poetry, published in 2007, is the work of genius paper engineer, David Pelham. Prying reveals that David studied at St Martin’s School of Art in the 50s and gained wide experience working on various magazines such as The Ambassador, Studio International and Harper’s Bazaar, before famously joining Penguin Books art director in 1968.

David Pelham is the art director responsible for the distinctive Penguin spine - in orange, blue or green - complete with Tschichold’s magnificent symbol in the top right corner on the front and back cover. His artistic reforms in the 70s revolutionised the cover design of Penguin Books, freeing designers from the constricting grids and perceiving each front cover as a blank canvas. David has won many awards, including the Gold Awards from both the Designers and Art Directors Association of London and the Art Directors' Club of New York. He left Penguin Books in 1980. Find an indepth interview of David Pelham with Creative Review here.

Trail - Paper Poetry is a journey through an enchanting maze of stunning pop-up landscapes that range from tranquil to mysterious to magical. The entirely white multi dimensional book pops up and transports you into David Pelham's magical world.
Buy it here!

As a a published author and an illustrator, David is the the creator of numerous dimensional books and is a talented paper engineer. His acclaimed books include pop up books for children and young adults. His award-winning international best-seller, The Penguin Book of Kites, was published in nine foreign language editions and is still in print. Working on both sides of the Atlantic, he lives in London and has three children.

[via Donna Hay issue 44 Apr/May 2009, pp12]


Laura Cooperman

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1984 to a family of architects, Laura Cooperman, has created elaborate structures, floor plans, and meticulous arrangements out of household items as a child. After working for artist Nancy Spero, Laura became engrossed in the delicate, methodical process of paper cutting and began experimenting with light, depth, and movement.

In Spring 2006, Laura received the Grainger Marburg travel grant for her paper-cutting work. She is currently planning to travel to China in the fall to study the traditional art of Chinese paper cutting and to document and interpret the effects of urban renewal in Beijing through her cut paper overlays. With movable parts and rotating gears, her creations are little engineering feats of their own right!

[images and text extracted from Laura Cooperman.]

Janna Syvanoja

Born 1960 in Helsinki, Finland, Janna Syvanoja creates her recycled paper jewellery pieces, with an organically slow process, by curving each slice of paper around the steelwire, piece by piece to evolve its shape by itself. Printed paper to her has an additional facet of the information it contains. Transformed into graphical patterns on the surface of her pieces, one can only see make out the words and letters that contained messages and expressions, very much what the artist wishes her jewellery is worn for.

[images extracted from Charon Kransen Arts.]

For more information, visit Janna Syvanoja.

Jacob Hashimoto

Untitled, 2006
200x158x19.5cm; Paper, Nylon String, Bamboo, Acrylic

Jacob Hashimoto was born in Greeley, U.S.A., in 1973. He lives and works in Los Angeles. Distinctly American, he engages with his Japanese heritage in a genuinely creative manner. His works instill an uplifting sense of airiness. The delicacy of his forms, whether they descend and envelop or expand and climb, creates as much a space for the spirit as for the body.

For more information,visit Jacob Hashimoto.

Ball Nogues Studio

Ball-Nogues Studio is Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues, the very talented creators behind the integrated design and fabrication practice that creates experimental built environments to enhance and celebrate the potential for social interaction through sensation, spectacle and physical engagement.

Rip Curl Canyon, Rice University Art Gallery, 2006

Rip Curl Canyon viewed through the glass provided only glimpses of the unfolding topography beyond and invited the visitor to probe deeper.

Details of Rip Curl Canyon, Rice University Art Gallery, 2006

The project, created of 20,000 strips of corrugated cardboard curved,industrially die-cut and laminated over twelve days, weighs almost eight tons. Incredibly strong with an intermediary plywood armature, it is capable of supporting the weight of several people. Ball Nogues Studio digitally developed a language of slotting connections so that these non-standard parts came together like a giant puzzle in four days, required very little structural decision making on site, giving them freedom to improvise during installation.

Rip Curl Canyon, Rice University Art Gallery, 2006

Using the properties and limitations of the material the designers determined the shape of the cardboard ribbons through building full scaled mock-ups during development combined with a digital study of the parametric interface.

For more information, visit Ball Nogues Studio.

Erica Rasmussen


Erica Rasmussen is an artist who creates sculptural and wearable works of mixed media. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis). Her current work explores issues of identity and corporeality, often utilizing clothing as metaphor for one's skin.

[image from Papierwespe; text extracted from Media and Fine Arts, Resident Faculty]

Noriko Yamaguchi

Detail of group exhibition "2 x Three Beauties - The Charites" at General Public, Berlin, Germany, 2008
Japanese paper
Photo by Yushi Kamito

Noriko Yamaguchi, is a paper artist and sculptor, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Born in 1972, Japan, she graduated in 1996 with a Master of Fine Arts in Dyeing and Weaving, from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Solo exhibition at Gallery Art Point, Tokyo, Japan; 2007
600cm x660cm; Washi (Japanese paper)
Photo by Hideto Nagatsuka

Detail of group exhibtion "SUSPENDED"; Artist-In-Residence Program 2006/Autumn at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC), Aomori, Japan; 2006
900cm x600cm

For more information, visit Noriko Yamaguchi.

Kyoko Okubo

6"x9"x12"(HxWxD); Washi paper sclpture

Kyoko Okubo's small, gentle figures are meticulous crafted from washi, the traditional paper of Japan. Her diminutive, symbolic self-portraits resonate with intensity and challenge the imagination. There is something compeling and fragile about her works that makes us want to see more.

[Images and text extracted from Mobilia Gallery]

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