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Esma Pacal Turam

Spectators, 2002

Born 1963 in Istanbul, Esma Pacal Turam is a paper sculptor, whose works have been been inspired by architecture and people. She is constantly intrigued by inhabitants of large cities and enjoys watching the fast-flowing activity of urban life. She watches people while they watch the world go by. This paper marche clothes line, is an obervation of the city life which fascinaes her.Her mixture of paper with silicon has brought out the textured beauty of both materials.

Bend and Break in Silence, 2007

[images and text extracted from Esma Pacal Turam]

Esma Pacal Turam can be contacted at Turunç1 Mahallesi 2.Sokak No:11, Zekeriyaköy 34450 İstanbul, Turkey; Tel: (90) 21 2202 7470. For more information, visit Esma Pacal Turam.

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