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Patty Eckman

Egg Watcher
6"x 6"x 4", sculpted from cast paper; edition of 100

Egg Watcher by Patty Eckman, is a cast paper sculpture of a humming bird perched on it's nest standing guard over two small eggs. The nest is placed between a tree branch and a small limb with leaves.

Patty Eckman is one half of Eckman Fine Art, the inventors of the trade marked Eckman Method® of cast paper sculpting. In 1988, Patty and Allen Eckman developed and perfected their chosen medium of cast paper sculpture. The Eckmans now reside in Rapid City, South Dakota. Their home and studio is in the beautiful Black Hills, where they find inspiration everywhere. The rich influence of nature is reflected in their beautiful works.

[image and text extracted from Eckman Fine Art.]

Eckman Fine Art is located at 222 Timberline Ct., Rapid City, South Dakota 57702; Tel:(605) 343 4252. For more information, visit Eckman Fine Art.

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easy recipes said...

i have never seen an egg catcher since 2000.

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