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Kylie Stillman

Semiformal, 2004
Carved on books

Ground Dwelling, 2006
Carved on 200 sheets of cartridge paper

I love blog days! It gives me legitimate reason to trawl through magazines and the web for beautiful works. I found Kylie Stillman in the November/December issue of Australian Vogue Living.

Kylie, born 1975, is a Melbourne-based artist, who completed her BFA Honours (Painting) at RMIT University in 1999. In 2000, she started a series of bird carvings on books. After a successful exhibition in 2005, she was granted three-month residency in the Australia Council's Milan studio, which sparked conception of larger scaled carving works. From earlier works which are small enough to hold in the hands to the large scale where the body can inhibit, Kylie has maintained intricacy and delicacy in her carvings.

Lovely Wren, 2005
Carved on book

[images and text from Kylie Stillman]

Kylie Stillman is represented by Utopia Art Sydney, located at 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney, Australia; Tel: (61) 2 9699 2900. For more information visit, Kylie Stillman.

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