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As we have always stood by the firm belief that inspiration should be for all to share, we are keeping our blog free for all. Likewise, we would really appreciate if you have used this blog as a resource, to mention us out of courtesy.

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Kirsten Hassenfeld

Installation of Dans la Lune, 2007
Commissioned by Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
Photography by Nash Baker
Mixed media - paper, polystyrene board, acrylic, pipecleaners, light fixture.

Details of Dans la Lune, 2007
Commissioned by Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
Photography by Nash Baker
Mixed media - Paper, polystyrene board, acrylic, pipecleaners, light fixture.

Kirsten Hassenfeld was born in Albany, New York and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from The University of Arizona, Tucson in 1998. The New York based artist creates extravagantly decorated crystalline sculptures that are crafted predominantly from paper. Kirsten's painstakingly created works revamp precious objects with decidedly un-precious materials and varying scales, making fantasy tangible and calling to question the notion of preciousness. We especially love her delicate drawings which magically transfigure into enchanting 3D installations.

Mine, 2002
21” x 18”, Graphite and acrylic on mylar

[images and text extracted from Bellwether Gallery and Rice Gallery.]

For more information, visit Bellwether Gallery and Rice Gallery.


3 sestry said...

Your blog is beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.
3 Sisters from Slovakia.

David said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

mein™ said...

Hi 3 sestry. Thank you for your words of encouragement! It is so amazing to receive feedback and comments from fellow bloggers! The excitement of feeling that our little voice is heard is incredible!

mein™ said...

Hi david, thank you! We so agree with you that deep down information yearns to be free! We are back from the hols and hopefully continue to inspire with more finds!

David said...

I look forward to that inspiration!

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